vinyl Stockfisch Records - Vinyl Collection

Mã sản phẩm: SFR 357.8006.1
Nhà sản xuất: Stockfisch
Demo/nghe thử
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vinyl record Stockfisch Records - Vinyl Collection

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Thể loại : Jazz, Rock, Blues, Folk, World, & Country (Country Blues, Acoustic, Smooth Jazz, Folk)


A1    Chris Jones –    No Sanctuary Here    

A2    Sara K. –    Stars    

A3    Paul Stephenson –    Captain Of The Loving Kind    

A4    Christian Willisohn –    Caruso    

A5    David Roth –    Song For You Far Away    

B1    Steve Strauss –    Closer    

B2    Ewen Carruthers –    Paris    

B3    Eugene Ruffolo –    The Same Kind Words    

B4    Mike Silver –    Heaven    

B5    Louis Capart & Duo Balance –    Au Large Du Gueveur   

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