vinyl Female Audiophile

Mã sản phẩm: 9789626205716
Nhà sản xuất: Master Music Ltd.
Demo/nghe thử
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vinyl record  Female Audiophile 

This Master Music Female Audiophile LP sampler includes the beautiful and timeless voices of Radka Toneff, Simone, Lisa Wahlandt, Katinka Wilson, Kari Bremnes, Inger Marie Gundersen, Kate Purcell, Chie Ayado and more!

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• Made in Germany

Thể loại :vocal Jazz 

Side A:
1. A lover in Berlin - Kari Bremns
2. Tennessee Waltz - Chie Ayado
3. Let it be me - Inger Marie Gundersea
4. The void- Ab and Zu
5. How do you keep the music playing - Simone with Romantic Jazz Trio
6. Love hurts - Strengemusikken
Side B:
1. Gate Ved Gate - Kari Bremnes
2. Reasons to leave - Kate Purcell
3. Did you fly - Katinka Wilson
4. Moon River - Solveig Slettabjell
5. The moon is a harsh mistress - Radka Toneff

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