Đĩa LP Female Audiophile

Mã sản phẩm: MASLPI20572
Nhà sản xuất: Master Music Ltd.
Demo/nghe thử
180g Vinyl Imported From Germany!
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Đĩa LP Female Audiophile 

Side A:
1. A lover in Berlin - Kari Bremns
2. Tennessee Waltz - Chie Ayado
3. Let it be me - Inger Marie Gundersea
4. The void- Ab and Zu
5. How do you keep the music playing - Simone with Romantic Jazz Trio
6. Love hurts - Strengemusikken
Side B:
1. Gate Ved Gate - Kari Bremnes
2. Reasons to leave - Kate Purcell
3. Did you fly - Katinka Wilson
4. Moon River - Solveig Slettabjell
5. The moon is a harsh mistress - Radka Toneff


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