Various – Audiophile Choice Vol. 1

Mã sản phẩm: 0745760229208
Nhà sản xuất: Premium Records
Demo/nghe thử Demo/nghe thử

Đĩa LP Various – Best Audiophile Voices

Date Released: December 2020


The 10 tracks on this album are carefully selected and the recording was very well done. The selections emphasize on ballads which bring out the performance of the artists and your audio system to touch your soul. 




Side A:

1. Holding Back The Years - Erin Bode

2. Fly Me To The Moon - Lloyd Marcus

3. And I Love Him - Barbra Morrison

4. La Mer - MArie Chante

5. The Look Of Love - Kennedy Jenson


Side B:

1. Bewitched - Julie Anne

2. Angelina - Sebastien El Chato

3. The Rose - Lucky Kelly

4. Accentuate The Positive - Nancy LaMott

5. Unforgettable - Lloyd Marcus

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