Status Quo - Collected

Mã sản phẩm: MOVLP2040
Nhà sản xuất: Music On Vinyl
Demo/nghe thử
2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, White Vinyl, 180g Holland  
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Status Quo - Collected 


A1        Pictures Of Matchstick Men  3:08

A2        Ice In The Sun  2:10

A3        Are You Growing Tired Of My Love  3:33

A4        Mean Girl  3:52

A5        Caroline  4:16

A6        Roll Over Lay Down (Live)  5:38

B1        Down Down  5:21

B2        Rain  4:32

B3        Rockin' All Over The World  3:34

B4        Hold You Back  4:29

B5        Again And Again  3:39

B6        Whatever You Want  4:01

C1        Living On An Island 4:46

C2        What You're Proposing  4:15

C3        Rock 'N Roll  5:23

C4        Something 'Bout You Baby I Like  2:55

C5        Ol' Rag Blues  2:51

C6        The Wanderer  3:29

D1        Rollin' Home 4:24

D2        In The Army Now 4:41

D3        The Oriental  4:28

D4        Medley: The Anniversary Waltz (Part 1)  5:30

D5        I (Who Have Nothing) -The Spectres  3:00

D6        Almost But Not Quite There - Traffic Jam  2:48

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