Đĩa than Solange – When I Get Home

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Demo/nghe thử
USA - Clear vinyl

Đĩa than Solange  – When I Get Home


Things I Imagined    1:59

S McGregor (Interlude)    0:16

Down With The Clique    3:42

Way To The Show    2:55

Can I Hold The Mic (Interlude)    0:21

Stay Flo    2:55

Dreams    2:28

Nothing Without Intention (Interlude)    0:23

Almeda    3:56

Time (Is)    3:39

My Skin My Logo    2:55

We Deal With The Freak'n (Interlude)    0:31

Jerrod    3:02

Binz    1:51

Beltway    1:41

Exit Scott (Interlude)    1:01

Sound Of Rain    3:05

Not Screwed! (Interlude)    0:22

I'm A Witness    1:51


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