Đĩa than Smokie – Midnight Café

Mã sản phẩm: 8719262016446
Nhà sản xuất: Music On Vinyl
Demo/nghe thử

Đĩa than Smokie – Midnight Café


A1        Something's Been Making Me Blue

A2        Wild Wild Angels

A3        Poor Lady (Midnight Baby)

A4        When My Back Was Against The Wall

A5        Make Ya Boogie

B1        Stranger

B2        What Can I Do

B3        Little Lucy

B4        Going Home

C1        Train Song

C2        The Loser

C3        I'll Meet You At Midnight

C4        Miss You

D1        Living Next Door To Alice

D2        Run To You

D3        What Can I Do (Alan Silson Home Demo)

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