Đĩa than Smokey – Pass It Around

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Demo/nghe thử
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Đĩa than Smokey – Pass It Around


A1        Pass It Around    3:06

A2        Daydreamin'    2:15

A3        Oh Well Oh Well    3:16

A4        My Woman    3:19

A5        It Makes Me Money    2:55

A6        Headspin    3:29

A7        Goin' Tomorrow    3:42

A8        I Do Declare    3:43

B1        Don't Turn Out Your Light    3:59

B2        Will You Love Me    3:42

B3        A Day At The Mother In Laws    2:49

B4        The Coldest Night    4:14

B5        Shy Guy    3:25

B6        Couldn't Live B7        I Gotta Be Free (Demo Recording)/Chris Norman

B8        You Ring A Bell / Kindness

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