Đĩa than Maroon 5 – The Studio Albums

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Đĩa than Maroon 5 – The Studio Albums (5LP BOX)


Songs About Jane    

A1        Harder To Breathe

A2        This Love

A3        Shiver

A4        She Will Be Loved

A5        Tangled

A6        The Sun

B1        Must Get Out

B2        Sunday Morning

B3        Secret

B4        Through With You

B5        Not Coming Home

B6        Sweetest Goodbye

It Won't Be Soon Before Long    

A1        If I Never See Your Face Again

A2        Makes Me Wonder

A3        Little Of Your Time

A4        Wake Up Call

A5        Won't Go Home Without You

A6        Nothing Lasts Forever

B1        Can't Stop

B2        Goodnight Goodnight

B3        Not Falling Apart

B4        Kiwi

B5        Better That We Break

B6        Back At Your Door

Hands All Over    

A1        Misery

A2        Give A Little More

A3        Stutter

A4        Don't Know Nothing

A5        Never Gonna Leave This Bed

A6        I Can't Lie

B1        Hands All Over

B2        How

B3        Get Back In My Life

B4        Just A Feeling

B5        Runaway

B6        Out Of Goodbyes Featuring – Lady Antebellum

B7        Move Like Jagger Featuring – Christina Aguilera


A1        One More Night

A2        Payphone Featuring – Wiz Khalifa

A3        Daylight

A4        Lucky Strike

A5        The Man Who Never Lied

A6        Love Somebody

B1        Lady Killer

B2        Fortune Teller

B3        Sad

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