Đĩa than The Many Faces Of Pink Floyd

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Đĩa than The Many Faces Of Pink Floyd ( White Vinyls )


A1        Shine On You Crazy Diamond  – Dark Side Of The Moon 

A2        Time  – UK Floyd Division

A3        Young Lust  – Mystic Force

A4        The Final Cut – Several Pieces

A5        Julia Dream – Bugsy Parker

B1        Comfortably Numb  – Berzon

B2        Learning To Fly – The Nashville Sounds

B3        Hey You – Blacktown Band

B4        One Of These Days – Monkeysoop

B5        Money – In The pink 

C1        Mr. Compromise – Keith Noble & Rado Klose

C2        Love For Living  – Clare Torry

C3        Oh Babe, What Would You Say?  – Hurricane Smith

C4        Arnold Layne  – SS-20

C5        Scream Thy Last Scream – The Green Telescope

C6        Interview – Hurricane Smith

D1        Ashes & Silver – Keith Noble & Rado Klose

D2        See Emily Play  – The Chemistry Set

D3        The Boll Weevil  – Pink Anderson

D4        Runaway Man Blues  – Floyd "Dipper Boy" Council

D5        Weather  – Keith Noble & Rado Klose 


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