vinyl ELAC - The Voice of ELAC (2LP, DMM 45RPM )

Mã sản phẩm: 0707787780216
Nhà sản xuất: Inakustiks
Demo/nghe thử
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🧿🧿🧿  vinyl record ELAC - The Voice of ELAC (2LP, DMM 45RPM )

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Thể loại:  Funk / Soul, Blues, Folk, World, & Country

📜 Tracklist:

Side A:

1) Red Meat (Taylor, Otis)

2) Ready (Hutchinson, Meg)

3) Horse & Buggy (The Pines)

4) Not Coming By (Emma-Lee)

Side B:

1) All Is One (Taylor, Allan)

2) The Ten O’Clock Line (Newcomer, Carrie)

3) Sinnerman (Hawkins, Sophie B.)

Side C:

1) Mattie Price (Brown, Greg)

2) Hell’s Bell’s (Shaw, Jodi)

3) Rosas Cantina (Munyon, David)

Side D:

1) 500 Miles (Eberhardt, Cliff)

2) Wild Horse (Kaplansky/Gorka/Gilkyson)

3) Irreplacable (Ruffolo, Eugene)

4) Foolish Things (Hanson, Lynne)

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