vinyl Harry Styles - Fine Line (2LP)

Mã sản phẩm: 0194397051414
Nhà sản xuất: Columbia Records
Demo/nghe thử
2021 Grammy Award Winner: • Best Pop Solo Performance: "Watermelon Sugar" 2021 Grammy Award Nominee: • Best Pop Solo Performance: "Watermelon Sugar" • Best Pop Vocal Album: Fine Line
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vinyl record Harry Styles - Fine Line (2Lp)

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Thể loại :Rock, Pop (indie Pop, Soft Rock, Pop Rock, Soul)


    Side A:

    1. Golden
    2. Watermelon Sugar
    3. Adore You
    4. Lights Up

    Side B:

    1. Cherry
    2. Falling
    3. To Be So Lonely
    4. She

    Side C:

    1. Sunflower, Vol. 6
    2. Canyon Moon
    3. Treat People With Kindness

    Side D:

    1. Fine Line
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