Đĩa LP Evanescence – Synthesis (2xLP)

Mã sản phẩm: 889854202514
Nhà sản xuất: Sony
Demo/nghe thử

Đĩa LP Evanescence – Synthesis (2xLP)


A1 Overture

A2 Never Go Back

A3 Hi-Lo

A4 My Heart Is Broken

B1 Lacrymosa

B2 The End Of The Dream

B3 Bring Me To Life

B4 Unraveling (Interlude)

B5 Imaginary

C1 Secret Door

C2 Lithium

C3 Lost In Paradise

C4 Your Star

D1 My Immortal

D2 The In-Between (Piano Solo)

D3 Imperfection

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