Drake - Scorpion (2Lp)

Mã sản phẩm: 602567874942
Nhà sản xuất: Republic Records
Demo/nghe thử
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❤️ Mới nguyên seal.

❤️ Thể loại: RAP/HIP HOP

📜 Tracklist:

A1 Survival

A2 Nonstop

A3 Elevate

A4 Emotionless

A5 God's Plan

A6 I'm Upset

B1 8 Out Of 10

B2 Mob Ties

B3 Can't Take A Joke

B4 Sandra's Rose

B5 Talk Up

B6 Is There More

C1 Peak

C2 Summer Games

C3 Jaded

C4 Nice For What

C5 Finesse

C6 Ratchet Happy Birthday

C7 That's How You Feel

D1 Blue Tint

D2 In My Feelings

D3 Don't Matter to Me

D4 After Dark

D5 Final Fantasy

D6 March 14

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