Beach House – Once Twice Melody (2 disc)

Mã sản phẩm: 098787147032
Nhà sản xuất: SUB POP
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Đĩa Lp Beach House – Once Twice Melody (2 disc)

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Thể loại:Rock, Pop (Indie Rock, Dream Pop)


Chapter 1 / Pink Funeral
A1 Once Twice Melody
A2 Superstar
A3 Pink Funeral
A4 Through Me
Chapter 2 / New Romance
B1 Runaway
B3 New Romance
B4 Over And Over
Chapter 3 / Masquerade
C1 Sunset
C2 Only You Know
C3 Another Go Around
C4 Masquerade
C5 Illusion Of Forever
Chapter 4 / Modern Love Stories
D1 Finale
D2 The Bells
D3 Hurts To Love
D4 Many Nights
D5 Modern Love Stories


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