vinyl The Beatles - Abbey Road Anniversary

Mã sản phẩm: 0602577915123
Nhà sản xuất: Capitol Records
Demo/nghe thử
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vinyl record The Beatles - Abbey Road Anniversary 

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Thể loại: Rock ( Pop Rock )


A1        Come Together 

A2        Something 

A3        Maxwell's Silver Hammer  

A4        Oh! Darling  

A5        Octopus's Garden  

A6        I Want You (She's So Heavy)  

B1        Here Comes The Sun  

B2        Because  

B3        You Never Give Me Your Money  

B4        Sun King  

B5        Mean Mr. Mustard  

B6        Polythene Pam  

B7        She Came In Through The Bathroom Window  

B8        Golden Slumbers 

B9        Carry That Weight  

B10        The End  

B11        Her Majesty  

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