vinyl YIRUMA - SOLO (2LP)

Mã sản phẩm: PVN2013
Nhà sản xuất: Decca Records
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vinyl record YIRUMA - SOLO (2LP) 

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SOLO is the second part of a yearlong project celebrating the 20th anniversary of Yiruma's music career. Opposite to the larger orchestral and string arrangements of the first release, The Rewritten Memories, SOLO (as shown on the title) contains simple solo piano arrangements that have always been loved by his fans. Yiruma revisits repertoires from his earliest days of making music, including "Spring Waltz," "Joy," "Kiss the Rain," and "River Flows in You."

LP 1 A side
1.Sometimes Someone

2.Destiny Of Love

3.Lost Island

4.Shining Smile
B side
1.Spring Waltz

2.River Flows In You


4.27 May

LP 2 A side
1.The Sunbeams, They Scatter


3.If I Could See You Again
B side
1.It’s Your Day

2.Kiss The Rain

3.Lord Hold My Hand


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