vinyl PATRICIA BABER - Clique!

Mã sản phẩm: 856276002534
Nhà sản xuất: Impex Records
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vinyl record PATRICIA BABER - Clique!

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Thể loại : Jazz (Cool Jazz)


    Side A:

    1. This Town
    2. Trouble Is a Man
    3. Mashup
    4. Samba de Una Nota Só (One Note Samba)
    5. I Could Have Danced All Night

    Side B:

    1. The In Crowd
    2. Shall We Dance?
    3. Straight No Chaser
    4. All In Love Is Fair

    Audiophile 180g Vinyl LP!
    Recorded & Mixed by Jim Anderson in DXD Ultra-High Resolution!
    Mastered by Bob Ludwig & Lacquers Cut by Scott Hull at Masterdisk!
    Pressed at RTI!

    Similar in concept to her earlier classic NIGHTCLUB, CLIQUE! gives Patricia and her long-time band (Jon Deitemyer, drums; Patrick Mulcahy, bass; Neal Alger, guitar; Jim Gailloreto, tenor sax) a stellar showcase for their telepathic musical communication and consummate jazz chops. Barber said of recording an all-standards album:

    "The harmonic language of jazz, as well as that of the Great American Songbook, is certainly rich - look how much has come out of it - but it's circumscribed. I started wanting to hear something else."

    These are relaxed, communal sessions. Her core trio ride up and down, in and out of Barber's complex, sensitive playing and singing. Their support allows her to shine brightly while digging out striking moments for their own unique contributions. The chemistry is palpable, all encompassing. This group's long-developed synergy - painstakingly curated by these musicians for years - provides both a metaphor and the perfect title for her new album.

    Impex Records, Patricia Barber, and Jim Anderson invite you to experience the music, revel in the mastery, and join the Clique!

    Clique! is an exceptional recording; one of those rare events where all elements of the creative process amalgamate to yield a record of perfect performances and technical brilliance.
    -Tom Gibbs, Positive Feedback Read more!

    These time-honored songs, lovingly curated, arranged, and performed by pianist/vocalist Patricia Barber and her band, are at last seeing the light of day when the world needs them more than ever. Pristinely recorded, Clique! assembles what began as encores to live performances into an experience all its own.



    Audiophile 180g Vinyl LP
    Recorded & Mixed by Jim Anderson in DXD Ultra-High Resolution (32bit/352.8 kHz) & Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk
    Lacquer Cutting by Scott Hull at Masterdisk NY
    Pressed at RTI
    Strikingly Designed Packaging with Never-Before-Seen Photos & Fascinating Essays by Jazz Times' Thomas Conrad, Former NPRCorrespondent Susan Stamberg, Jim Anderson & Patricia Barber 

    Patricia Barber - piano, vocals
    Jim Gailloreto - saxophone
    Neal Alger - guitar
    Patrick Mulcahy - bass
    Jon Deitemyer - drums


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