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The Feickert Next Generation Universal Protractor is also great for helping you drill a new armboard when mounting your tonearm. You simply slide the rule out so that the markings correspond with your turntable's spindle/arm pivot distance, place the gauge over the spindle and adjust the pointer to mark exactly where the arm center should be mounted. The Feickert Next Generation Universal Protractor constructed out of aluminium, the base is a 3mm thi thick alloy sheet with the adjustable rule mounted well above pivot height. "Feickert's kit is impressive, especially if you want something more than a cardboard or plastic template. Most impressive is the metal jig for measuring the pivot-to-spindle distances – nicely made, if industrial…It looks more complicated than it is; a thorough reading of the instructions will have you setting up cartridges in minutes…trust me: it will provide peace of mind for even the most truly neurotic of vinyl users." – Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, August 2006, The Feickert Next Generation Universal Protractor is a quick, very accurate and robust way of accurately mounting and adjusting a tonearm and cartridge! How To Use: Having revisited the math, Feickert has found that for a given geometry all pivoted tonearms intersect with their tracking arcs in one particular point. This is a "unified overhang point" that can be used to adjust for overhang. Not only is the accuracy enhanced with this new Protractor, the complete set up process is much faster than it was before. Choose the geometry you want to use: Baerwald (B), Lofgren (L) or Stevenson (S). Screw the gauge tower on the disc and place the Protractor on the platter. Aim with the pin in the gauge exactly over the pivot point of the tonearm. Move cartridge in the headshell so that the stylus lands on the crosslines of your chosen geometry (B, L or S) at 'step 1' (overhang). In case you cannot reach either point on the Protractor please check your pivot-spindle distance. Carefully tighten one screw a little bit and make sure you can still turn the cartridge in the headshell. Set antiskating to zero. Turn Protractor so that you are over the area of 'step 2' (outer Null-point). Set angular offset (zenith so that the printed line on the Protractor and the cantilever of your cartridge fall in line when looking from the front. Carefully tighten both screws in an alternating way and take care that the cartridge does not move in the process. Caution! Do not over tighten the cartridge screws. Double check your set up at 'step 3' (inner Null-point) where the cantilever MUST fall in line with the printed line. (If two points are correct, the third is correct by default.) If the cartridge is off, start over at 'step 1'.

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