Max Steiner – Gone With The Wind

Mã sản phẩm: LPELE579424
Nhà sản xuất: Soundtrack Factory
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A1        Tara's Theme - Main Title    4:07

A2        The Barbecue At Twelve Oaks    3:30

A3        The Ball  2:30

A4        Ashley And Scarlett    2:35

A5        Mammy    2:25

A6        Christmas In Atlanta    4:58

B1        Fall Of The South    1:24

B2        Intermission Music    1:26

B3        Sherman's March Through Georgia    1:59

B4        Ashley's Return From The War    3:13

B5        Scarlett And Rhett At Tara    2:26

B6        Belle Watling    3:21

B7        Rhett And Bonnie    2:38

B8        Scarlett's Fall - Rhett's Remorse    3:36

B9        Bonnie's Death    2:02

B10        Tomorrow Is Another Day - Finale    1:25

B11        Tara's Theme Performer – Percy Faith & His Orchestra Performer – Percy Faith & His Orchestra 3:12


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