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Nhà sản xuất: Sony Classical
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James Horner ‎– The Classics


"My Heart Will Go On" (From Titanic)    

"The Rooftop Kiss" (From The Amazin Spider-man)    

"Willow's Theme" (From Willow)    

"Theme" (From Cocoon)    

"Main Title" (From Star Trek II: Wrath Of Khan)    

"I See You" (From Avatar)    

"Field Of Dreams" (From Field Of Dreams)    

"Somewhere Out There" (From American Tale)    

"For The Love Of A Princess" (From Braveheart)    

"The Ludlows" (From Legends Of The Fall)    

"Jake's First Flight" (From Avatar)    

"Boys Playing Airplanes" (From The Boy In Striped Pyjamas)    

"Main Title" (From Apollo 13)    

"Briseis & Achilles" (From Troy)

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