vinyl Taylor Swift - Folklore (2 Lp ,Beige Vinyl)

Mã sản phẩm: 0602435034881
Nhà sản xuất: REPUBLIC
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vinyl record Taylor Swift - Folklore (2 Lp ,Beige Vinyl)

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Thể loại :Rock, Pop, Folk, World, & Country (Vocal, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Ballad)



    Side A:

    1. the 1
    2. cardigan
    3. the last great american dynasty
    4. exile (featuring bon iver)

    Side B:

    1. my tears ricochet
    2. mirrorball
    3. seven
    4. august
    5. this is me trying

    Side C:

    1. illicit affairs
    2. invisible string
    3. mad woman
    4. epiphany

    Side D:

    1. betty
    2. peace
    3. hoax
    4. the lakes (Bonus Track)
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