Diana Krall – From This Moment On

Mã sản phẩm: 602547376893
Nhà sản xuất: Verve Records
Demo/nghe thử

Đĩa than Diana Krall – From This Moment On


 A1        It Could Happen To You    3:29

A2        Isn't This A Lovely Day    6:07

A3        How Insensitive  5:20

B1        Exactly Like You    3:03

B2        From This Moment On    3:24

B3        I Was Doing Alright    5:11

C1        Little Girl Blue    5:38

C2        Day In Day Out    3:59

C3        Willow Weep For Me    5:38

D1        Come Dance With Me    4:23

D2        It Was A Beautiful Day In August / You Can Depend On Me    5:17

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