vinyl The Sound Of Music: Original Broadway Cast Recording (2LP)

Mã sản phẩm: 0888072092594
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vinyl record The Sound Of Music: Original Broadway Cast Recording (2LP)

Thể loại: Musical Broadway

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    Side A:

    1. Preludium (Nuns)
    2. The Sound Of Music (Mary Martin)
    3. Maria (Elizabeth Howell, Karen Shepard, Muriel O'Malley, Patricia Neway)
    4. My Favorite Things (Mary Martin, Patricia Neway)
    5. Do-Re-Mi (Mary Martin, Children)

    Side B:

    1. Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Brian Davies, Lauri Peters)
    2. The Lonely Goatherd (Mary Martin, Children)
    3. How Can Love Survive? (Kurt Kasznar, Marion Marlowe)
    4. The Sound Of Music (Reprise) (Mary Martin, Children, Theodore Bikel)

    Side C:

    1. Laendler (Orchestra)
    2. So Long, Farewell (Children)
    3. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Patricia Neway)
    4. No Way To Stop It (Marion Marlowe, Kurt Kasznar, Theodore Bikel)

    Side D:

    1. An Ordinary Couple (Mary Martin, Theodore Bikel)
    2. Processional (Ensemble)
    3. Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Reprise) (Mary Martin, Lauri Peters)
    4. Edelweiss (Mary Martin, Theodore Bikel, Children)
    5. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Reprise) (Patricia Neway, Company)
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