Đĩa LP Inception - Soundtrack (Clear Vinyl)

Mã sản phẩm: 093624964995
Nhà sản xuất: WEA Int'l
Demo/nghe thử
"Technically, Mr. Zimmer said, his score is not a slowing-down of the French song, which was composed by Charles Dumont and recorded by Piaf in 1960, but is constructed from a single manipulated beat from it." - Dave Itzkoff, New York Times, ...

Đĩa LP Inception - Soundtrack (Clear Vinyl)

Side One:
1. Half Remembered Dream
2. We Built Our Own World
3. Dream Is Collapsing
4. Radical Notion
5. Old Souls
6. 528491
7. Mombasa
Side Two:
1. One Simple Idea
2. Dream Within a Dream
3. Waiting For a Train
4. Paradox
5. Time

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