DMX - Greatest Hits (Red & Black Splatter Vinyl)

Mã sản phẩm: 889466110214
Nhà sản xuất: X-Ray
Demo/nghe thử
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Đĩa LP DMX -  Greatest Hits  (Red & Black Splatter Vinyl)

Mới nguyên seal.

Thể loại: Hip Hop (Thug Rap)


Side A:

  1. Ruff Ryders'
  2. What's My Name?
  3. Party Up (Up In Here)
  4. X Gon' Give It To Ya
  5. What These Bitches Want
  6. Get It On The Floor

Side B:

  1. Where The Hood At
  2. How's It Goin' Down
  3. Slippin'
  4. Lord Give Me A Sign
  5. Party Up (Up In Here) (Virus Syndicate Remix)
  6. Lord Give Me A Sign (Jazz Downed Remix)
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