Đĩa LP Cruel Intentions Soundtrack (2xLP)

Mã sản phẩm: 600753880326
Nhà sản xuất: Virgin Records
Demo/nghe thử Demo/nghe thử
Music from the 1999 Teen Cult Classic film “CRUEL INTENTIONS” makes its debut on vinyl. Featuring tracks from the film by Aimee Mann, Blur, Counting Crows, Fatboy Slim, Placebo, The Verve, and more, this soundtrack relives the '90s in ways you did...
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Đĩa LP Cruel Intentions Soundtrack (2xLP)

Side A:

1. Every You Every Me (Single Mix) - Placebo

2. Praise You (Radio Edit) - Fatboy Slim

3. Coffee & TV - Blur

4. Bedroom Dancing (First Recording) - Day One

Side B:

1. Colorblind - Counting Crows

2. Ordinary Life - Kristen Barry

3. Comin' Up From Behind - Marcy Playground

4. Secretly - Skunk Anansie

Side C:

1. This Love - Craig Armstrong (feat. Elizabeth Fraser)

2. You Could Make A Killing - Aimee Mann

3. Addictive - Faithless

Side D:

1. Trip On Love - Abra Moore

2. You Blew Me Off - Bare Jr.

3. Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve

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