JOE HISAISHI - My Neighbor Totoro: Soundtrack

Mã sản phẩm: TJJA-10015
Nhà sản xuất: Studio Ghibli
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JOE HISAISHI - My Neighbor Totoro: Soundtrack


A1        さんぽ -オープニング主題歌 (Stroll - Opening Theme) Lead Vocals – Azumi Inoue 

A2        五月の村 (The Village In May)

A3        オバケやしき! (A Haunted House!)

A4        メイとすすわたり (Mei And The Soot Gremlins)

A5        夕暮れの風 (Evening Wind)

A6        こわくない (Not Afraid)

A7        おみまいにいこう (Let's Go To The Hospital)

A8        おかあさん (Mother)

A9        小さなオバケ (A Little Creature)

A10        トトロ (Totoro)

A11        塚森の大樹 (The Huge Tree In The Tsukamori Forest)

A12        まいご (A Lost Child)

B1        風のとおり道 (インストゥルメンタル) (The Path Of The Wind-Instrumental)

B2        ずぶぬれオバケ (A Soaking Wet Creature)

B3        月夜の飛行 (Moonlight Flight)

B4        メイがいない (Mei Is Missing)

B5        ねこバス (Cat Bus)

B6        よかったね (I'm So Glad)

B7        となりのトトロ -エンディング主題歌 (My Neighbor Totoro - Ending Theme)

B8        さんぽ (合唱つき) (Stroll - With Choir) Lead Vocals – Azumi Inoue


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